Oral Fluid Testing

The use of oral fluid testing in the workplace has increased dramatically over the past decade. Oral fluid testing offers confidential lab-based drug test results. With the use of oral fluid testing, donors can collect their own specimen samples in the presence of a collector / monitor, reducing the likelihood of tampering or a donor challenge later in the screening process.

Detects Recent Drug Use

Oral fluid is best at detecting recent drug use. That’s because drugs take time to metabolize and pass through the system. When compared to a urine or hair follicle testing, oral fluid is the most accurate in detecting immediate use. This makes oral fluid testing ideal for a broad range of testing situations ranging from pre-employment, to random, to reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing where the employer is most concerned in assessing what’s in the donors system at the time of the drug test collection.

Observed, Tamper-Resistant Collections

Oral fluid testing requires a small sample that is collected under the direct supervision of a certified collector / monitor. Because the collection process is observed, oral fluid testing is considered a tamper-resistant screening method. This makes it nearly impossible for a donor to cheat or adulterate their sample.

Maximize Productivity

Oral fluid testing is simple to perform and can be conducted at the place of employment, eliminating collection site fees and reducing lost productivity. For more on how to perform an oral fluid drug test collections, contact MoralStone Drug Screening for more information.

Fast, Dependable Results  

Our reliable turnaround times will help with timely hiring decisions. On average, a standard collection process will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Collections are shipped overnight to a SAMSHA certified laboratory where confirm testing is completed. Negative screening results reported with 24 hours of arrival a the laboratory. Presumptive positive results are confirmed, and typically reported out to an MRO within 72 hours of receipt.

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