Synthetic Marijuana

In July 2012, the DEA banned 15 synthetic cannabinoids, citing numerous calls to poison control center around the nation. However, newer generation compounds continue to emerge making it more vital than ever to target synthetic marijuana. Also known as K2, K3 Legal, Spice and Syn; these chemical compounds are 4-100 times stronger than marijuana and mimic its effects. Individuals will exhibit traits of listlessness, detachment, mood swings among others. Recent studies have shown that even light daily users of Spice will demonstrate signs of withdrawal after a few months use, while others have suggested a strong concurrent link to state of psychosis from the effects.

Designer Stimulants

Bath Salts are already comprehensively illegal in the US after a federal ban was enacted in July 2012.  The Ban targets MDPV and Mephedrone, two designer drug compounds found in so-called bath salts. However, clandestine labs continue to make small changes to the chemical compounds and sell them under the labels “bath salts,” or “plant food”, and will even attempt to circumvent regulations by labeling the package as “Not for Human Consumption.” These compounds are still widely confiscated by authorities from people who wrongly believe they are healthier alternative to cocaine and MDMA that they are supposed to mimic.

How We Can Help

As a community, our families and businesses alike need to be aware of the potential dangers of people using these synthetic intoxicants as so much evidence suggests not only how it will limit their performance at work, but also how severe the risk is of them causing long term physical and psychological damage. We offer a straightforward means of providing testing for nineteen of the most popular, and difficult to detect, synthetic drugs including K2, Spice and Bath Salts. Upon receipt of the sample we will arrange for it to be fully screened in a lab and return to the results to you with utmost professional discretion.